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The listserve will be open access and without monitoring so that members can post messages directly without routing them first to CUGH for approval and action. Listserve members and CUGH will need to be judicious in listserv use to ensure that the listserve retains its value. If you wish to respond to an individual(s) cited in a listserve message, please contact them directly, if possible, and don’t reply to the entire listserve.

If you have suggestions or more general questions regarding the listserve, its use or about some aspect of CUGH’s education activities, please send them to


Current Roster of education-related Committees and Subcommittees:

  • EDUCATION COMMITTEE. Oversees, promotes, facilitates and prioritizes all of CUGH’s educational activities. Educational Products Subcommittee. Reviews, recommends and as appropriate, develops educational products; assures quality of products posted on CUGH’s website.
  • EDUCATION-RELATED CONFERENCE PLANNING SUBCOMMITTEE. Develops and promotes education-related sessions and activities at the annual CUGH conference.
  • GH COMPETENCY SUBCOMMITTEE. Defines global health competencies and proposes ways of using competencies in the design of global health curricula.
  • GH PROGRAM ADVISORY SERVICE. Matches global health programs wishing assistance with those persons can provide that assistance.
  • GH WORKFORCE SUBCOMMITTEE. Conducts reviews, highlights problems, and studies aspects of the GH workforce, its supply, requirements, and characteristics.
  • TRAINEE ADVISORY COMMITTEE. Assures that CUGH’s program benefits from trainee inputs, counsel and products. Interest Groups. Two education-related IGs are now in the early stages of development. They will be concerned with Primary Health Care, and with Graduate Medical Education.

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